My name is Caroline, currently I am 28, I am an artist, business owner, dog owner and skoolie owner. I travel, paint, work, and try to make the most out of my life with what I have.

I hope here on this blog to not only inspire and encourage you but I hope that I can help bring you to new and interesting places that you may never have been.
My goal while traveling, is to take you to local places here in North America, that you might have never known about or thought of. As much as each of us would love to go to that exotic destination, we all know it’s harder said than done, and even harder if you have a family or job with limited amount of vacation time. I want to show and find you places that are not only instagram photo worthy, but budget friendly and even family friendly.

I hope you will support me on this journey and take away something that will add to your dreams.

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For every one that takes the time to read this thank you. Your time and support means the most and I hope on this journey I can give you something of value in return. For taking a snippet out of your day that lets you enjoy something fun or help you gain knowledge or useful advice that helps make something great happen for you!